Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions should answer any general question you may have about attending a ballroom dance lesson or group class at our studio. If you do not find your answer, please contact us.

Do I need a ballroom dance partner?

No. At Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest we teach ballroom dancing to singles and couples. If you join us as a single student, your instructor will take the place as your partner for your private lessons. Our group and practice lessons will provide plenty of opportunity for the single student to meet other students with the same interests and goals.

What dances do we teach?

Our goal at Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest is to prepare you to dance with confidence in any social situation. Our curriculum consists of several basic dances that will allow you to dance anywhere, with anyone, on any occasion! The most common dances are Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Mambo, Meringue, Samba, Salsa and Hustle.

How much do ballroom dance lessons cost?

The cost depends on how many dance lessons you may need to achieve your goals.

How should I dress for my dance lesson?

Wear something comfortable that won’t inhibit your movements. Of course, comfortable shoes are recommended! We suggest a pair of leather-soled shoes. No sneakers or rubber -soled shoes. For the ladies, we suggest a low heel shoe with a back.

What is a Private Ballroom Dance Lesson?

Private ballroom dance lessons consist of one student or a couple working with one instructor. These lessons provide the most benefit and ease for learning to dance since all material is catered to the individuals learning ability and desire. A couple may be accompanied by one or two dance instructors depending on the needs of the students.

What is a Group Lesson?

A group dance lesson consists of several students learning from one instructor. Students concentrate primarily on the basic steps and technique. Our group lessons cover a wide level of dancing providing all levels of students with the opportunity to join our classes. View the event calendar to check out the current month’s schedule.

What is your policy on cancellation?

We require a 24 hour notification if you intend to miss a scheduled lesson or you may be charged.

How are dance lessons scheduled?

Dance lessons are arranged by student preference (based on availability). One session is forty (40) minutes.

What kind of dance can we do for our first dance at our wedding?

Your first dance together as husband and wife should suit your personality as a couple and the tone you want to set for your wedding reception. For traditionalists and romantics, an elegant waltz or foxtrot might be the dance for you. If you’re unconventional, an upbeat swing or a sexy tango will let you show your guests just what you’re all about. Whatever your style, we can help you select the right music (if you haven’t chosen a song already) and the right dance. Learn more about wedding dance lessons.