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When two people LOVE each other,
They don't look at each other,
They look in the same direction.

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~Ginger Rogers

Ballroom Dance FAQs

If you are new to ballroom dancing or have questions about your first class or session, please check our FAQs.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Let us help create your special dance! When that magical moment arrives, you can amaze your friends and family.

Dance Classes

We have a variety of ballroom dance classes for new dancers as well as advanced dancers.

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Congratulations on choosing Fred Astaire Dance Studios to get involved in the world of ballroom dancing! It is with great enthusiasm that we at the Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest Dance Studio welcome you to our growing family of ballroom dancers.

Ballroom dancing is an activity that will enrich your life in many aspects. Beyond the steps and music, you will find that dancing is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. With each step, The Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest’s professionally trained staff will help you learn to be more graceful and expressive; improving your poise, posture, self-confidence and communication skills all the while providing relaxation through stress relief and a great low-impact cardiopulmonary exercise.

The confidence that you place in us at the Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest Dance Studio is greatly appreciated and the entire staff is committed to assuring that you achieve all of the goals and benefits possible from your dance experience with us.

The Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest Dance Studio

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